Good Morning, America, how are you?  Are you talking about the reaction to the Charleston shooting at Emanuel, AME?

Some of the “talking heads,” immediately called for “gun control.” It is fact, that none of the gun control laws applied to this tragedy! This was not an automatic weapon, it was a pistol, and those will never be outlawed!  Then the politicians invoked the Flag of the Confederacy, hue and cry was “tear it down,” Walmart jumped into the fray by pulling all such merchandise from their shelves, and emotions ran high and amuck.  Does anyone really believe that the shooter was motivated in the slightest way by that flag? I think not.  His motivation, plainly and simply stated was “…the blacks are ruling the world!”

I suggest a 90 day cooling off period, then, perhaps, reasonable minds will reason, and discuss the issue without the emotions that ensued the shootings.

In the meanwhile, my hope and prayer is that “GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE.”


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