Today the Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland fired the Police Commissioner Batts after the riots.  That is the biggest bunch of stuff I have read about!  This so-called “Mayor,” is the problem. She called for a “stand down,” when the riots began!  It will be interesting to see what the good, decent people in Baltimore, Maryland will do to correct this injustice!


She is incompetent!



  1. Incompetent. Murray, I am disappointed in this rather weak descriptor originating from your most superior political brain. Murray, this mayor Rawlings-Blake is DANGEROUS. Dangerous to the good citizens of Baltimore. I grew up in and around Baltimore and I love this town.
    Mayor Rawlings-Blake has a coward’s spine and no real heart for the job. Let’s face it, being a mayor of any major city in this country is no easy task, but (there is always a ‘but’.) like the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, who ran from the city during its time of crisis, she also left the city and hid inside a gated community outside Baltimore.
    Both of these failed mayors should have shown the courage of former New York Mayor Gulliani who stood in the middle of his crisis, set up a temporary command post inside the city and remained to help the firemen, police and other personnel begin the recovery. The damage to property and life could have been much worse had the Baltimore rioters stayed their course.
    I am a white man, and as much as I hesitate to enter the subject of race, America’s major cities have become a canvas upon which blacks in this country today splash the varied problems that destroy their communities. Most thoughtful people agree that the entitlement programs targeted for black communities over the years has tore apart the integrity of a significant number of family units. That is, more money and services can come into a home when the husband or father is not present, not married to the mother or otherwise has left the family unit.
    My observation is that the country has effected this malady upon the black folk, but I seriously doubt if our federal and state congresses can offer any cure. We as a nation are bleeding away much potential in the form of wasted lives, black on black shootings and incarcerated young men.
    God help us. God help our cities. God bless America.


  2. Good Morning, Sir, and THANK YOU for your comments. It is an honor and a pleasure to hear from you, and YES, it was rather weak on my part, but I was anxious to “get up and running,” on this BLOG, and thought this would be good to start. From the hits received, I think it was a good beginning! Please hang in there, we got a long, hot summer! Highest regards….


  3. Today, 7/12/15 The New York Times published an informative editorial on the Mayor of Baltimore. Jackie Washington, a resident, stated – “…Look at the streets, its a mess. Its depressing to come here, to see the things you see- people getting shot in broad daylight.” Other points of interest are the firing of the police commissioner, was “…done by the Mayor to save her skin, he was a scapegoat…”


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