Illegal Immigration, Fact or Fiction?

Well, now, that is a hot topic! ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! Couple of folk told me last week, “…that ain’t no such thing, illegal immigration, it is a fabric of your imagination, Mexicans just walk, ride across the border, whats wrong with that?”  Our non-representative Congress, interested in only their own personal wealth, talks a lot, but accomplishes little, nothing will be done to curb illegal immigration!

I suggest a good starting point would be with secure border, then create a guest worker program.  The Right wants unlimited border security, and the Left wants unconditional amnesty.

Then, along came one Donald Trump, he with the hair-do, TV agenda, much money.  At his campaign launch last month, Trump stated – “…Mexicans are sending people who have a lot of problems.  They are bringing drugs.  Crime, and rapists.  Some are good people…”  Trump caught Hell and has come under fire for his anti-Mexican   comments. Couple of sponsors cancelled, even NASCAR entered the fray, which is confusing because NASCAR doesn’t have any Mexican drivers that I am aware! The last time I went to a NASCAR race, I didn’t see any Mexicans, very few Blacks.  I see Trump is having a Rally in Phoenix, Arizona today, and it is the hottest ticket in town! Over 9000 people fought for tickets!

Very interesting.

Trump will visit Sun City next week, you can bet I will be there!

Now, this is not an endorsement,  I very carefully vet candidates, so far I have personally seen/talked with Rick Perry, former Texas Governor, Who answered my questions and made a good initial impression.

I’ll report, you decide.  Thank you all for the hits my blog receives, I appreciate it very much, please remember, your Comments are earnestly solicited!


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