Here Comes Hillary!

Today, 7/13/2015,  Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to re-invent herself for the umpteenth time! She provided her Pablum, Gruel that is her fare.

She took on Wall Street, took a giant step toward informing Democrat voters that she is the Progressive Candidate with a progressive agenda. “Tax increases and more regulation on Wall Street with regulatory burdens on employers; more government spending in an attempt to out spend Barack Hussein Obama, paid for by more government debt.”  One would think that Hillary had been sleeping these past 6 years, as that Obama attitude didn’t work out very well!  She is trying to eliminate her opponent, Sen.  Bernie Sanders, in her demented  party  dominated by the progressive left.

It will be interesting to see how GOP candidates deal with her agenda.  I would like to see less business regulation, turn the economy loose, not impede it with more regulatory burdens. Less federal programs, less federal spending. A BUDGET that the politicians must live by!

Hope you will read and comment, we are getting a lot of hits, and we are just beginning!


4 thoughts on “Here Comes Hillary!”

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  2. Murray,
    Let’s face it. Hillary is simply an ambitious, tail-coating wind bag! An empty suit if you will.

    Your thoughts on the Donald Trump phenomenon would be appreciated considering your extensive and broad experience base observing our political landscape.
    I attended the Donald Trump “experience” here in Sun City recently. I entered the event carrying some reservations, but came away with a bucket full of surprised support. Entertaining? Brash? Unfiltered? Yes, yes and yes. But he is saying what many are thinking. Whether he can gain the presidency AND get congress to do his bidding is another matter and another discussion topic.

    Murray, I feel a new song coming!


  3. Good Morning, Leader! I’m sorry I didn’t see you at the “Trump Bash!” He is saying what many conservatives want to hear, and what I would be saying if I were running for POTUS! “Song sung RED!


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