YES! Donald Trump let the good times roll!

I vividly recall attending the first John McCain speech in South Carolina, being invited by several of the GOP heads.  I left with a weak, sad feeling that this wounded warrior was not attacking the obvious.  Soft, non-offensive, politically correct pablum that did not earn one single standing ovation. He left the arena without shaking one hand, got into his limo and sped off with no escort! I tried to reach out to his campaign, but to no avail.  “We will tell the Senator your concerns. Thank you.”  I let it be known then, that McCain was dying on the vine!

I say, damn it, “TELL IT!”  If you want to run and win, tell it like it is, and be proud!  Be firm, aggressive and stand up for “AMERICA!”  “MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE, SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, OF THEE I SING!” Shout it out!


6 thoughts on “TRUMP THAT!”

  1. I’m afraid the Republican’s have a soft heart when it comes to selecting vine ripened candidates who are past their prime. Need I mention Bob Dole?
    The idea of politically correct needs to be gone as well. To believe you can pick up a piece of shit from the clean end is truly sick!


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  3. Damn straight…give me a Trump over a Queen any day of the week! He has a lot of truth in all he speaks about and knows what he is saying and doing. The slings and arrows by his detractors…mainly old hacks and liberal tire tracks.. just roll off of his back and he keeps right on giving them the fickle finger of fate award and telling it like it is, not how they say it is. PC BS needs to be gone and so do all of the old career politicians on both side of the aisle…no one is sacred and above the law. Term limits is what I want next…after the WH is vacated by the vermin in it and fumigated for the new truly American POTUS…and make sure they leave the T on the computer keyboards, and remove the muslim rug in the Oval office.


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