I watched every minute of the first GOP Presidential Debate 8/6.  I was not disappointed, 17 folks put forth their best efforts, and some sadly, were lacking!  I prepared notes, grades for each, including opening, closing remarks, response to questions, attitude, disposition and effectiveness, creating a grading system of 1 – 100, 100 being highest, 70 being passing, below 70, failure.  Judging performances, some were very good, others not so good…you reach your own conclusions.

Most of the seven on the early show failed.

Rick Perry – 70.

Gov. Pataki – 60.

Carly Fiorina – 88.

Rick Santorum – 55.

Bobby Jindal – 70.

Lindsey Graham – 40.

Gov. Gilmore – 42.

I would promote FIORINA to the top tier, without doubt, she was truly outstanding, and Rick Perry’s complement to her was GREAT!  Gov. Bobby Jindal did good, would like to hear more from him!  Gov. Rick Perry definitely improved over his last run, and earns another look.  Lindsey Graham was the flop of the night, time for him to say “Good Bye!”  Pataki, Santorum, Gilmore were all sadly lacking!

The top 10 were as good as advertised, each were interesting.

Marco Rubio – 70.

Dr. Carson – 55.

Jeb Bush – 68.

Donald Trump – 80.

Ted Cruz – 80.

Chris Christie – 55.

John Kasich – 55.

Rand Paul – 62.

Mike Huckabee – 68.

Scott Walker – 77.

I calls ’em as I sees ’em …I will appreciate your ideas, comments.  This BLOG is widely monitored! Of course, all are subject to change, but those who tabulated below 70 should look to get out now!

12 thoughts on “GOP DEBATE GRADES!”

  1. Some pretty smart folks in the debates, but they will have to figure out a way to channel that knowledge to appeal to the legions that don’t spend a lot of time contemplating policy. I think that is why Trump’s messaging is resonating so well. I like Carson, but I don’t think he has the demeanor for the job. But, I’m also not certain that Trump has the humility that will sometimes be required. Should be an interesting election cycle.


  2. Murray,
    Once again you are spot on! I strongly agree that Carly Fiorina had an excellent performance articulating her presidential positions and policies if elected. An outsider by her and anyone else’s assessment, she nonetheless demonstrated an intimate knowledge of foreign affairs, economic engine drivers and support for the American military. I like her. She earned an “A+”.
    Out of the upper tier, Marco Rubio earned a top grade (A) with his stature on stage and straight to the point discussion of the issues and laying out his positions. He looked very presidential. As I like Donald Trump, he stood up for his past and present verbal arrogance whether the subject be people or politics. He lacks the legislative detail that is needed to operate the office of president, but he is a quick learner. Donald also gets an “A”.
    Another standout would be Rand Paul. Last night was the first night of his final flame out. He appeared weak and ridiculous with that curly hair doo. He gets an “F” and should withdraw. Leave a space on the stage for Carley.
    To wrap up grading:
    Kasic – B+
    Huckabee – D (Been there, done that.)
    Carson – C (Good ideas, but the poor guy is just too mellow.)
    Cruz – B (let’s face it, he cannot win.)
    Bush – A- (Maybe a vice-president, can’t see the forest for the Bushes.)
    Walker – B- (He lacks excitement; no charisma.)
    Christie – C (Big talk, big hugs, big, big, big- enough!)

    I’m tough on these candidates as we voters should all be. The Republican Party must winnow down this group of 17-18 and counting and focus on an acceptable platform which does not exist!
    Thank you,
    Don Fortney
    Sun City Hilton Head


  3. Hi Judge Silver,

    In my humble opinion, YOU ARE RIGHT ON TARGET!! I agree wholeheartedly with the grades you gave. Your analysis is absolutely brilliant.





  4. Charles Krauthammer’s statement, post debate- “I thought that Trump was in with a bunch of professional politicians…they restricted his activity…questions were sharp and most responses were short; which worked against Trump…in my opinion Carson was weak… Cruz, Rubio and Huckabee came out winners…”


  5. I think Dr. Carson wasn’t given much time to speak, so that didn’t work well for him. Republicans need a conservative running but he needs to be moderate enough to pull independent voters because I don’t think any election has ever been won without swing states like Ohio.

    As you said, Jeb Bush would be a good VP and I think someone like him can be used to get Hispanic voters. Some vote can be used to get a little percent advantage to win the state.


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  7. GOP Slams DONALD TRUMP for comments about Fox News MEGYN KELLY! Disinvited from gathering today! This is sad, really sad, MEGYN KELLY is wrong, her conduct during debate was awful, giggling off camera, nodding at friends, smirking when she did not like what was said. HER CONDUCT SHOULD PREVENT FUTURE DEBATE PARTICIPATION!


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