In a recent conversation with DONALD TRUMP, he stated very clearly and concisely that =

“I know I’ll have to go on attack soon against Carson, but for now, he is too nice.  He’s been nice to me.  I’ve been #1 in all the polls for a long time, and I continue to be #1 in every poll!  He has ben getting a lot of publicity on the Muslims, however there will be a lot of issues to tackle with Carson, including experience; he is a doctor, but is he capable of negotiating with China, Japan, Russia, and all the other things you have to do.

Capacity and experience….we will deal with later, not now!



  1. that,’s the thing, Im sure The Donald would quickly learn all the details, and put together a good team to assist him. The thing I like about Trump is that he has the capacity to remain open, and if necessary he will admit to changing his mind. Flexibility is a good thing.
    I wont vote for him, but in my humble opinion he is far preferable to the others on that list.

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      1. well I think Trump is an unknown entity, but I do think he is capable of rising to the job and get good people who know what they are doing. He seems open to learning new things,and he is one smart guy. there are too many whackos running. I am not a R, but I dont think Trump is too much leaning that way.v

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    1. FLASH!!! In a letter signed by both DONALD TRUMP and BEN CARSON, they threaten “…NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT GOP DEBATE SCHEDULED 10/28 in Boulder, Colorado!” Their demands, succinctly put “…There be opening and closing statements and total time, including commercials, not to exceed two (2) hours!…” VERY INTERESTING, we will continue to watch and report! Your Comments are always WELCOME! THANK YOU.


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